Setting of KCSE examination in Kenya: Is it fair or unfair for teachers from top schools to set examinations

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 Who sets KCSE examination in Kenya? Is it fair for teachers from the big schools be given the sole mandate to set KCSE examinations? Do you think the teachers who set KCSE examinations leak the questions to their students?

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  1. Anwar says:

    how can it be fair,they surely will tell their students especially in this era of stiff competition between schools.This expalins why students from little known schools perform very wel at university.

  2. kevin odhiambo says:

    it isn’t fair.The outcome of this unfairness is seen in the universities where students from “small schools” emerge to be the best

  3. main says:

    this is all about another scandal,how do you expect a leopard serve as a shepherd without killing and feeding on lambs. its not that the top performers in top schools are any better and we get to this once they join campus they are failures.

  4. kamau says:

    its very true that teachers give the students 50% of the question set and add another 50% wrong things & give inform of trial exam 2-3 days before exam days.Besides that the student are told not to inform other people

    so the govt should change that unfairness

  5. Benson Kariuki says:

    It is one of the greatest injustice in an exam senario. The government on its part should set the whole exam without involving teachers from any school to make the exam fair as per the constitution on equity.

  6. Geoffrey says:

    It’s not fair. It gives them undue advantage.

  7. Komen mesh says:

    No. Give lower school teachers to set. Al are equal.

  8. G.wahome says:

    No, because teachers do alot in preparing students and they have materials.

  9. BOMACHICK........ says:

    It depends on which teachers,,,,,,,I was in a National school and I never heard anything about leakage during my time, we all struggled to the last minute, and in fact our teachers were strict and against anything to do with leakage…all I know about my former High School is that it has integrity and students are mere geniuses……proud of The Kenya High School!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  10. BOMACHICK........ says:

    we struggled and went through all the challenges and still made our As.I love Boma

  11. Tony says:

    The author of this discussion is making unfair assumption that the setters of kcse papers are teachers from top performing schools, what a fallacy. please try to establish the truth if you can or desist from expressing unfounded and misleading fears.

  12. Mary K says:

    it is unfair, these teachers always include these exams in their mid term and end term exams. My opinion is entry mark to be lowered for all the bush schools whose few marks are earned through struggle. To prove it, their exams papers are not carried home during the year of administration.

  13. charles sang says:

    teachers from national schools obvious when they set exams leak to their students! this can be proven by the fact that when these students from national schools get to universities some fail coz of the fact that they came through the back door. i believe that teachers from all quarters should be given chance to participate in this critical exrcise to prove their skills. the worst problem is that students who have potential in remote schools don’t have the opotunity to shine like those who get to campus coz of the ‘fame’ of the schools they were

  14. emmy imbigu says:

    Of course we all know it is not fair even to the students themselves. There is no way a teacher will set a paper and not share the same (as if it were normal lessons)with his/her students. He would also want to be tops in his subject! This is manifested later on when these kenyans joint university because they will suprisingly be beaten by those from the other schools who genuinely worked for their KCSE grades. It is a high time this changed and KNEC ventured into other ways of setting exams.

  15. Teachers if they set the exam, leaf of cheating, they may even led pasbond the exam of the year, simpily they can giv out the exam b 4 the examination, bcoz wat u hav learnt b4 u can,t leav it, our country is corabtion country, so due to the braibe that they usualy use to tak, they can,t organise.

  16. philip says:

    Teachers are human beings and sure enough they must even if not leaking the real exam, they give an hint to the students they teach

  17. Surely Icant imagine why a particular parent cant be proud of her/his kid,atleast there must be some stealing to get out of shame.

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